Niigata Factory

Niigata Factory

Specializing to the parts manufacture with application of the technology of heat treatment, welding and machining, accumulated for a long time, we are always manufacturing many kinds of the parts, with seeking a high quality and a short lead-time.

Rotary Friction Welding Robot
Rotary Friction Welding Robot
  • Automatic friction welding system is combined with working robot and friction welding machine.
  • UnifiTAIHEIYO-SEIKI K.Kn produce high quality rollers with high speed.
Handling Robots group
Handling Robots Group
  • 3(Three) of handling robots provide high safety and manufacturability.
Machining Centers group
Machining Centers Group
  • 10(ten) units or more of Machining Centers are operated to work many kinds of parts effectively.


420 Yamaguchi Maki-ku Jouetsu-shi Niigata 943-0643 JAPAN


Tel: +81-25-529-3022
Fax: +81-25-529-3023

Access to the Plant

Closest station and Interchange

  • 40 minutes from the Naoetu station by car
  • 25 minutes from the Takata station by car
  • 10 minutes from the Jouetsu I.C. on the Hokuriku Expressway
  • 15 minutes from the Jouetsu-Takata I.C. on the Jo-Shinetsu Expressway