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Undercarriage Parts

Available to supply such undercarriage parts as track rollers, carrier rollers, front idlers and so on for crawler type construction machinery and road machinery.

Track RollerCarrier Roller
Front RollerYork
  • Designed by engineers who have expertise on both engineering and usage of products.
  • Manufactured with product engineering technology and quality control system.
  • Compatible with various types of machines.
  • Such high quality materials as seals and bushings are used to produce a world class quality parts.
  • Our rollers have acquired good reputation for long term durability

Features of Taiheiyo’s Undercarriage Parts

Roller bodies

Professionally heat treated forged alloy steel allows maximum durability.
One of TAIHEIYO production technologies - rotary friction welding robot and/or induction heat treatment system - allows long term durability



Ductile cast iron collars allows to meet requirements of various types of load condition and mounting system.



Bimetallic steel and specially blended alloy bronze bushings provide low friction and high durability



Alloy steel shafts are precisely machined and heat treated
Designed and manufactured such that shafts adequately match bushing or bearing

Floating Seals


We use high quality seals procured by Taiheiyo’s supply management system throughout the world


Taiheiyo use its own synthetic oil suitable for heavy duty or extreme temperature condition.